I often hear these words - "Pink, where can I get some of this fantastic freaky French stuff that you play at the club?" In answer to that we provide you with info and links on what to get and where to get it! Most of the links also provide you with the ability to listen to the music. If you live in the Bay Area, you might find many of these releases at Amoeba Music. But be advised franco-friends, some of the tracks that we play at Bardot A Go Go are rare, vinyl only cuts not available anywhere...yet!

The image above is for a 5-CD collection just relased by Univeral France called Pop A Paris. The image above is linked to the double CD comilation of the best from the 5 CDs. This is so hot off the press that Pink hasn't even gotten to listen to all of it yet.
Most of these CDs are available from Amazon.com and that is where they link to. However, some can only be purchased from France! Those link to www.alapage.com, a great resource for buying french books and CDs. Delivery usually takes longer than a week so be patient. Their customer service will answer questions in English too!

Jacques Dutronc
Grands Succes
(Greatest Hits)

Joe Six Pack of KALX, Berkeley dubbed Dutronc the Ray Davies of France. Great comparison. No one gets the crowd bopping on the dance floor like Dutronc. His fuzzy guitar rock hits are what you hear at Bardot A Go Go, but also included in this phatt double CD are other tunes like "L'opportuiste" and "Il est Paris, cinq heures sevielle" two ballads that rule! Dutronc along with his song writing partner Jacques Lanzman (his silent partner) created some of the most inspiring music of the 60s. Unlike other Dutronc compilations, this one contains "Le Responsable" an outrageous psych hit!

Françoise Hardy
Ma Jeunesse Fout Le Camp

While there is very little on this album that could be considered danceable, Françoise Hardy is an integral and indespensable part of any Francophonic music collection. This romantic, moody, love lost album is my personal favorite and even features a song arranged by her lover Jacques Dutronc. Françoise wrote most of her own material, unlike the other female French pop stars of the time. Do yourself a favor and be enchanted by this chanteusse who predates the Beatles!

France Gall
Bebe Requin

Yé-Yé! If you want the real Yé-Yé stuff this is it. An incredible compilation of France Gall's bopping numbers including the Bardot A Go Go favorite "Laisse Tomber Les Filles". Strictly translated it is "Let all those other chicks fall" which means "now that I am your woman, you better not be seeing any of those other girls!" This awesome tune was penned by Serge Gainsbourg as are several other cuts. This is the stuff that French pop dreams are made of!

Nino Ferrer
Je Veux Erte Noir

Nino Ferrer was heavily influenced by American R & B as evidenced by the first cut on this CD, "Je veux etre noir" (I want to be black). This is not a compilation but a reissue of his original first album. We usually play "Mirza" and "Les cornichons" at BAGG. This stuff is groovy and funky with exceptional production. Another must!

Serge Gainsbourg
Histoire de Melody Nelson

If you don't know Serge Gainsbourg by now then we haven't been doing our job! This album from 1971 isn't one you will be hearing at the club. However it is a phenomenal album, considered by Françoise Hardy to be her favorite. Mixing progressive rock with an underlying funk groove Serge accounts the story of a young waif who runs into a dirty old french man (Serge, bien sur!). One of the greatest French records of all time.

Pussy Cat
L'intégrale sixties

OK, now we are getting into the secret rare stuff! You have to order from France to get it! Pussy Cat was one of many Yé-Yé singers of the time. Her music even lapsed into the psychedelic as well. This CD collects all of her 7" 45 RPM records into one big package including a booklet with color pictures. Pussy Cat ROCKS! She is even unkown to most French people but deservedly gets a chair right next to all the other pop stars we celebrate at Bardot A Go Go. You won't be disappointed.

L 'intégrale sixties (Double CD)

Magic Records is like the Rhino Records of France. They put out all sorts of rare music that nobody else is putting out. This two CD collection of Stella, not just another Yé-Yé girl, is exceptional. The first disc covers her Yé-Yé period of poppy bubblegum tunes much like France Gall. The second disc ventures into the world of psych-rock-pop and is one of my favorite French discs. Her uncle penned most of the songs that have a cynical edge to them much like Dutronc. In one song called "Cauchemar auto protestateur" she sings "I protest, though I don't know what about." Its great to hear counter culture getting some counter culture itself.

The realy rare vinyl


Nowadays the only decent source for the rare French 45 EP or album is E-bay. The above link will take you to a selection of EPs that are currently up for auction. You can also search for individual artists like Françoise Hardy, Jacques Dutronc, or Sylvie Vartan. You have to check frequently and often. Be prepared to shell out some serious francs, this stuff ain't cheap but it is ever so cool.

Well that is it for now FrancoFreaks! Let me know if you like what you get -

Pink Frankenstein